If you’re not building quality backlinks for your business, you’re missing out. Backlinks represent one of the greatest ways to make Google’s algorithm see you as a trustworthy platform. When you want to grow in your field of work, you must establish yourself as a reliable source of information or seller. Even though it takes time, backlinks are a necessary SEO practice that helps improve the authority and rankings of a website.

Unfortunately for the new blog owners and entrepreneurs out there, getting quality backlinks doesn’t happen at the snap of the fingers. You must take your time and do thorough research to get such links. 

But don’t worry. We’ve compiled a guide that offers you the necessary tips for finding high-quality backlinks that will improve your SEO. Let’s get started!

Don’t Stay Away from Visual Content

Did you know that creating great visual content can also help you get quality backlinks? Many marketers add illustrations, infographics, and other forms of visual content as a way to achieve their goals. In fact, this type of content is part of many marketers’ arsenal. 

What makes visual content so great is the fact that it’s easy to work with and share. Not only that, but people who read your articles will also love it, as it lets them visualize what you’re talking about and perhaps even learn more. 

Visuals make your content more shareable so that you can get more backlinks to your website.

Check Your Competitors’ Mentions

Before getting quality backlinks, you should research your competition on the market. Start by analyzing your competitors’ mentions, to see how many times their brands get mentioned online and when. 

One thing you can do in this scenario is to answer customers’ questions before your competitors. By doing this, you can build a relationship with those people, slowly drawing them to your website. This improves your chances of getting a backlink. 

Appear on Resource Pages

Resource page link building is one of the best ways to get quality backlinks. The great thing about resource pages is that they can focus on any topic. That being said, your resource pages may be for career planning sites, SEO learning resources, and anything of the sort. 

Getting your own website included on one of these pages usually requires filling out a form. Make sure you consider this option as it’s a very simple chance to obtain more backlinks.

Start Guest Blogging

Most people who are trying to get backlinks start guest posting for various platforms. When you guest post, you are writing new content intending to have it published by another blog. Doing this not only helps you establish a relationship with a popular blogger in your industry, but it also exposes you to a new audience and lets you promote your own site. 

In order to guest blog, you must first find the right websites. Check for higher domain authorities in your field, and make sure the site accepts guest posts. 

Use Outdated Resources to Build Links

Another thing you should try is building links using outdated resources. Now, how do you do this?

The process is quite simple. You have to check for sites in your niche that either moved to a fresh URL, shut down, stopped updating one resource, ceased to offer a particular service or changed names. 

Then, you can reach out to the individuals that are still using the outdated URL. Make sure that they are high domain authorities. Once you do that, you can tell them about the outdated link and ask them whether they can add your own link to their platform. 

Request Credit

Did you know that your firm may sometimes be mentioned without you getting any credit? Let’s say that a vendor is giving a testimonial. However, you notice that they do not offer a link to your website with it. In this case, your company should get a backlink for offering a service. 

How can this be done? Well, Google Alerts can be your best friend here. It tells you what sites mention your business by sending you an email. Once you have the list, you can ask the websites to offer you backlinks.

Take Advantage of Internal Links

Internal linking is also a very good strategy. It can boost your site’s usability and allow you to build backlinks. Now, you shouldn’t expect them to give you a massive SEO boost, but they allow you to build links as you use the anchor text that you like the most. 

One thing to note! While internal linking is a useful method, you shouldn’t overdo it. When a page has over 100 internal links, Google might see it as a suspicious site. 

Try “Feeler” Emails

“Feeler” emails can be part of a very good strategy. When you use email outreach as a way to get backlinks, you can either try to ask someone for links from the get-go or use a “feeler” email tactic. 

“Feeler” emails involve sending messages to a prospect without requesting a link. When you are doing this, you are hoping that the person you are reaching out to welcomes the outreach without you making the pitch for a link. 

So, you can ask your prospect if they want to see your link first and wait for a response. If their answer is positive, you can send them the pitch.

Make Better Content

You can start building backlinks by improving popular content as part of what is known as the Skyscraper Technique. Through this strategy, you are looking for good content that has received numerous links, then you create much better content and promote it to the sites and blogs that link to the original content.

You should only use this strategy if you are good at writing and know for sure you can improve the content. If not, then maybe a content writing agency can help in this case.

Final Thoughts

Getting quality backlinks is a priority for most businesses because it boosts exposure and reliability in Google’s “eyes”. We hope the steps we’ve included in this article will help you build great backlinks and improve your SEO.