When it comes to link outreach, most people focus on the same things: making sure to add the right number of links and that the links are high-quality ones. This is not a bad strategy – after all, link quantity and quality will add value to your articles and boost their search engine ranking. 

But what many business owners do not know is that link diversity is just as important as quality, quantity, and relevance. Generally speaking, using the same links over and over again is not only not recommended, but can also harm your Google ranking. The more diverse your links are, the better. 

Why is it so important to diversify your backlinks for SEO, though? Keep reading to learn more about the importance of link diversity when seeking backlink outreach services. 

Why Is Link Diversity So Important for SEO?

When you’re just getting started with SEO and link outreach strategies for your business website, you might not be familiar with link diversity and its importance. Without knowing what makes diversity such a powerhouse in the SEO field, you are bound to avoid implementing this tactic, which in turn can harm your search engine score in some cases. 

Link diversity refers to the variety of links that redirect you to a web page or website. These links can be obtained from many sources, such as social media websites, directories, other platforms, and so on. When you add as many diverse links to your content as possible, search engines see it as more valuable, offering more benefits for SEO. 

Here are some reasons why you should consider link diversity for SEO:

  • A Combination of Different Traffic – When you get a backlink outreach agency to help you obtain links from different sites, new traffic opportunities are created for your platform. You’ll get traffic from a wider range of sources, as visitors will come from different interests, communities, demographics, and locations. 
  • Better Visibility – When you include links from different websites, your site is exposed to multiple audiences, which makes your brand more visible.
  • Improved Relevance – SEO outreach services can help you obtain links from diverse sources in your niche. In return, this can tell search engines that a platform is relevant to different topics, boosting the brand’s relevance. So, when it comes to searching for related keywords, the brand will rank higher. 
  • Improved Authority – Link outreach is a great way to make sure that your website is seen as trustworthy and authoritative by search engines. Links add points to your trustworthiness score when they come from varied sources, especially if these sources are trustworthy themselves. 

How Can You Diversify Backlinks for SEO?

It’s not that hard to purchase high-quality backlinks that are different from each other. The best way to do it is by obtaining links from multiple websites. How do you find the right websites to help you obtain diverse backlinks? Here are a few sources you can keep in mind when you want to reach a diverse link portfolio:

  • Blog directories
  • Web directories
  • Forum participation
  • High authority platforms related to your niche but outside of the niche
  • High authority platforms within your niche
  • Low authority platforms outside of your niche but related
  • Low authority platforms within your niche
  • Wikis
  • Blog trackbacks and comments
  • Blog directories
  • Social bookmarking platforms

Tips for Improving Your Site’s Link Diversity

If you’ve decided to improve your link outreach strategy by diversifying your link portfolio, then you must know what steps to take to get there. You should know where to purchase high-quality backlinks and how to implement them in your strategy. 

Here are some methods you can use to improve your platform’s link diversity:

  • Promote Your Content Through Social Media – Social media can be a powerful tool when it comes to utilizing backlink outreach services. You can share your content on your social media accounts to get attention from other bloggers and websites. As such, you will be able to obtain numerous quality links.
  • Get Rid of Bad Links – Even if you believe that one low-quality link here and there will not be that bad, this can actually harm your rankings on Google. This is why you should perform regular analysis of your link profile and remove any spammy or low-quality links. 
  • Join Collaborations and Partnerships – A good tip for a successful diverse link outreach strategy would be to start collaborations and join partnerships with other websites in your niche. You can talk about guest blogging or link exchange, improving your chances of diversifying your link portfolio.
  • Use Internal Linking – Did you know that linking to your own content can also be beneficial when it comes to link diversification? By linking to your content from time to time, credibility and authority for your platform will grow, something that search engines will like.
  • Work on Unique, High-Quality Content – Another thing to consider if you want your link outreach strategy to work out is to create high-quality, unique content. This way, you ensure that other sites will want to link to it.
  • Use Link Building Services and Tools – There are many online SEO outreach services and tools that you can use to find good link opportunities. However, make sure you do your research and practice caution when choosing the services you’re working with. This way, you can stay away from any unethical or spammy tactics. 
  • Be Part of Online Forums and Communities in Your Industry – You can also participate in online forums and communities related to your niche. This can help establish a reputation in the field, which can then help you obtain great links from other sites. 

Can Too Much Link Diversity Be Negative Too?

We’ve established how important it is to purchase high-quality backlinks, but what happens when you go a bit too far with link diversity? Is there such a thing as too much link diversity? When you diversify your backlinks, Google will see you as a more trustworthy and reputable platform, which will help you rank higher. 

But when you have too many links redirecting to your content/platform, your SEO strategy might have to suffer. Basically, when a site has a large variety of links from different sources, it might suggest that it does not focus on a single topic. This means that establishing itself as an authority in a certain field will become more challenging. That being said, when it comes to Google ranking in search results for certain phrases and keywords related to a particular niche, things get a bit tricky for the site in question.

Moreover, it’s harder for a search engine to determine how relevant a website is when the content is overstuffed with different links. Google and search engines will try to understand what your platform is about, therefore ensuring it is ranked accordingly in search results. By analyzing the context of the links, Google is able to understand a website’s topic and content. But when there’s too much link diversity, the engines will not be able to gain a proper understanding of the website. 

Moreover, with too much link diversity, it will be more challenging for a site to obtain a strong link profile, mainly because search engines may not see the links used as trustworthy or relevant enough. 

Another reason why a link outreach agency must ensure that it does not go overboard with link diversity is that attracting high-quality links becomes more difficult in this case. High-quality links refer to links that come from very trustworthy and reliable sources. This makes them more valuable in the “eyes” of Google and other search engines. 

Protection Against Algorithm Changes

It’s quite difficult to know what’s inside Google’s algorithm and how it works exactly. But what is true is that the algorithm changes over time, which means that SEO outreach services must adjust their strategies accordingly. So, when the algorithm changes, you must make sure that you are protected. 

Link diversity is one of the best ways to stay safe in such cases. Since you do not know for certain what will happen to Google in the future, diversifying your links will allow you to stay relevant on the most important search engine. Furthermore, the algorithm is able to easily see if you always get backlinks from the same sites, as this can harm your score in the long term. 

By obtaining or building a diverse portfolio of links, you will be more successful in keeping your site relevant on Google in case some links are taken down or some rules change along the way. 

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, our guide has helped you understand that link diversity is necessary if you want a powerful and results-driven SEO strategy. By diversifying your links, you can establish yourself as an authoritative and trustworthy site on Google and other search engines, boosting your ranking and your visibility. In turn, this will lead to more visitors and potential clients. However, don’t forget that you should always use high-quality links and that you shouldn’t go overboard with these links.