Guest posting is a key part of many companies’ strategies. Now, why is that?

As time went on and internet use has become so widespread, more brands have tried to find ways to increase their visibility and boost their sales. Search engine optimization is something that brought many opportunities for promotion through link building, new and unique content, and the use of targeted keywords.

But one tactic that seems to be especially prevalent nowadays is guest posting. Guest blogging involves writing content for influential websites or blogs in order to promote your own services and products. 

Many brands struggle to find good guest blogging opportunities, though, so they have to reach out to a guest post service. Fortunately, there are some tricks that will help you find worthwhile opportunities so you can get those guest post backlinks without problems. 

Here’s a breakdown of how to search for appropriate guest posting opportunities. 

1. Monitoring Influencers

One of the best ways to get a great online guest post service is by keeping an eye on big influencers in your niche. You must monitor them closely to make sure you can come up with the best strategy to contact them. After all, they are less likely to accept your guest blogs if you pop up out of nowhere. 

Now, finding influential bloggers should not be that difficult as long as you’re pretty familiar with the search option. There are huge influencers in any niche, so you’re likely to find a plethora of names that you can give a follow. 

The key to finding a good guest post service is stalking the influencers – and no, this isn’t as creepy as it sounds. 

One thing you can do is search for influencers on sites like Twitter. Using hashtag search, you can find specific influencers and bloggers in your field. You can, for instance, go to Twitter and search your special keyword, and see who pops up. 

Then, what you have to do is keep an eye on the popular bloggers by following them and reading their content. It’ll give you an idea about what type of materials they usually post, so you can adapt your guest posts accordingly. 

But aside from following their blog, you will also have to find what other platforms they’re active on. You should follow them and frequently interact with their posts by liking and commenting on them. 

If admins start to notice your activity, they will definitely be happier to accept your guest blogging request. 

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2. Using the Simple Google Search

There’s nothing like good old Google when you want to find something online. This method is pretty simple as well – you simply have to use the right keywords during your searches.

For instance, you can look up things like “Your Keyword ‘guest post’”, “Your Keyword ‘write for us’”, Your Keyword ‘contribute to our site’”, and so on. Search for similar queries until you run out of options. 

While doing so, compile a list of all the guest posting opportunities you stumble upon. You have time to look over the names and links you’ve collected later, and narrow them down until you see which one is an appropriate guest posting service. 

3. Consider Using Guest Blog Communities

You may be surprised to hear that there are guest blog communities that offer guest posting service opportunities. Well, they exist indeed – they are communities that focus on helping bloggers find a guest post service and buy guest blog post opportunities. 

Some of the best communities for this are BlogSynergy and My Blog Guest. You should simply keep in mind that you may not find the largest blogs in your field by using these networks, but if you’re just getting started with guest blogging, they can help a lot. 

If you want, you can also use different forum communities to ask for guest post service recommendations from those who have guest blogged for sites in your niche. One great forum that people use to look for opportunities is DigitalPoint. 

Now, as eager as you may be to begin your journey with a guest posting service, you shouldn’t start asking desperately for suggestions as soon as you create your account. People are only going to look at you negatively. 

Instead, spend some time interacting with active members of the forum. Get involved with the community. Then, you can start asking for guest post service recommendations. 

Another thing you can do is use Craigslist. There are many posts by people or website owners who are looking for people to write for them. Therefore, you can reach out to them and tell them you want to provide them with free guest posts temporarily as long as they link back to your platform. 

Obviously, you must tell them something about yourself and why you’re an important figure in your particular niche. After all, while you want to guest blog for them, you must also convince them to accept your materials. 

You can also make a Craigslist post yourself saying you offer guest posts for bloggers and websites. 

Blogger directories can also help you find quality guest post services. They can provide you with some of the most popular blog options in your industry. Alltop and Technorati are perhaps the largest blogger directories. 

4. Do a Reverse Image Search

To use this tactic, you must spend a lot of time looking for influential people from your market or niche. However, it’ll be worth it in the end. 

Basically, what you must do is look for people who use guest blogging to make high-quality backlinks for their blogs or websites. Then, once you find them, you simply copy the link to their headshot, then go to Google reverse image search and paste it there.

In a few seconds, you will find a bunch of different websites where that image of the individual has been published before. It’ll present you with an array of blogs you can guest post for. 

5. Keep an Eye on Competitors

Another thing you can do to find good guest posting service opportunities is to basically search for guest posting platforms in reverse. This means that you must keep an eye on your competitors and find out what huge websites they’ve written for before. 

Now, sure, having competitors is not a pleasant thought. You fear that they will be one step ahead and take all your potential customers and readers. There’s also a good thing in having some competition: you can stalk the other person or brand and replicate their techniques. 

Doing this will require some work and effort, but you won’t regret it once you find the incredible opportunities you’ve been looking for. 

Try to discover different bloggers who are active in your field and commonly guest post on different websites. This is something that becomes more obvious when you already follow some huge blogs in your field and you see the same names all the time when there are new posts. 

However, you can also look into who guest posted on some of the largest websites from your field. All that’s left afterwards is to check whether they do this quite frequently. 

The easiest way to find out is by using special search queries, such as “ ‘a guest post by’” and anything of the sort. 

Doing this will help you compile a list of different names. Then, all you have to do is use a SEO backlinks guest post tool and discover their other backlinks. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will always find lots of guest blogs – in fact, the majority may not even be guest blogs. But if you happen to find someone who guest posts all the time, chances are you can find many guest post service options. 

6. Stay In Touch with Commenters

Did you know that you also have a great chance of finding appropriate guest posting service opportunities by interacting with your commenters? 

When you finally manage to get your guest blogs posted on a website, you may have different people commenting on your content. Not all of them will limit themselves to things like “Nice!”, “Great job!”, and other short and boring comments – some will write detailed comments, sharing their experiences or complimenting your work. 

Among these people, there may be some that own great blogs or websites in the industry. Interacting with them can be beneficial for you, as it may give you another opportunity to use a guest post service. 

Now, don’t ask them for a chance as soon as they post a first comment on your first blog post on that particular website. Give it some time, and then try your luck. The people who comment consider you an authority figure already as you managed to guest blog for their favorite platform, so things should go pretty well. 

7. Let It Be Known That You’re Available for Guest Posts

Another way to find some of the best guest post services is by simply stating that you are available for guest posts. 

When you guest blog, each post will have a byline. This is where you would usually bring up your social media profiles to encourage people to follow you, and also links to your target website. 

However, this section can serve one more purpose: stating the fact that you are available for more guest post service opportunities. 

You can write something like “Would you like to get my content on your blog? I’m willing to provide you with qu

ality materials filled with my knowledge and experience.” 

8. Use Ahrefs to Find More Websites for Guest Posting

how to find the best paid guest posting services

One tool that many guest bloggers use to find guest posting service opportunities is Ahrefs. This can be useful in finding relevant websites for your niche.

What you have to do is go to the Content Explorer section, then use the keyword related to your field and se

arch. If you work in healthcare, for example, you can type in “health” or “healthcare”. 

Next, check the dropdown next to the search box and select “In title”. Click search. 

You should be presented with a plethora of blogs that you can reach out to and offer your guest posting service. You should contact the platforms that have talked about things from your niche. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that every single website you find with Ahrefs will be a good backlink. Luckily, there are always enough options to be able to find something suitable. 

Ahrefs allows you to use a special filter when doing this search, respectively “One page per domain”. Selecting this will make sure you do not get any duplicates in the list on your screen. This way, you’ll save some time and have better success in finding platforms to offer your guest post service to. 

Filter your list and export it. Ideally, you should export the first 1,000 websites. This should give you enough to look through and find new opportunities. The data can be imported to Google Sheets. 

While going through your list, you should delete anything that is not relevant to you. Any websites that look sketchy should not be taken into account for your guest posting service, so delete them right away. 

Check the content title tab and find out how relevant the articles are. If they’re not too relevant, you can make sure you do not reach out to them. 

Final Thoughts

Finding appropriate guest posting service opportunities can be a long process, especially when you are just getting started with your dofollow guest post work. Luckily, there are many things you can do to offer your guest post service to the right platforms. 

You can look for opportunities using Google, or you can do a social media search on sites like Twitter. At the same time, there are also tools like Ahrefs that present you with whole lists of potential opportunities. Moreover, you can interact with commenters or use the byline to let readers know you are available for guest posts for relevant websites. 

All in all, finding guest post service opportunities is easy when you know what to do.